SPEEDAM 2020 – SPEEDAM becomes a virtual meeting


Symposium on Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Automation and Motion (SPEEDAM) 2020

The Speedam Symposia

In recent years there is still a growing interest in energy conversion, in the static conversion of electric energy and in their control issues. Renewable energy, sustainable mobility and pollution reduction are top priority themes all over the world. Power electronics and electrical drives are more and more permeating industrial processes, systems for distributed electric generation, propulsion systems for road, railways, marine and other kinds of vehicles, on – board apparatuses for main or ancillary services, energy storage systems, robotics, household appliances and so on. Integration of technologies and smarter components and systems are some of the most relevant trends in the last decades. For a long time the aforementioned topics have been the central themes of SPEEDAM Symposia, started in early ‘70s (even if the name “SPEEDAM” was introduced at the beginning of ‘90s). We are pleased to note that the arguments are still very relevant and worldwide studied, also because in many of the mentioned fields the market is still expanding. This justifies the effort in organizing our SPEEDAM international conference every two years, trying to focus attention on emerging topics and to renew the traditional ones. In the age of “virtual” communication, the technical and scientific conferences can play an important role in facilitating the interaction between industrial and academic worlds and among people coming from several countries. The long life of the Symposium is due to an established cooperation of experts and scientists in different fields coming from industry, University and research centers. Newcomers with relevant background have been always welcome and invited to cooperate, whether they are coming from traditional high tech countries or from fast developing ones. The participation in a scientific conference is particularly fruitful for young researchers who have possibility to compare results and followed methodologies with those of other teams. This traditionally occurs in the SPEEDAM Symposia, thanks also to a friendly context and a soft atmosphere in pleasant environments. The long established tradition of a venue in Italian locations has not negatively influenced the strongly international character of SPEEDAM, as demonstrated in the last editions by the a large participation of delegates coming from more than 50 countries on 5 continents. This year the health emergency caused by the SARS – CoV – 2 pandemic has drastically influenced all scientific conferences around the world. Among the various options, the Steering Committee has decided (by a majority) to transform the 2020 edition (originally planned in Sorrento) into a “virtual” conference with “remote” presentation of all papers. A similar decision was taken by numerous other international conferences in different fields. Some remote sessions had already been tested in past editions of SPEEDAM, mainly to allow the participation of researchers who could not be present for variuos reasons. A conference with all remote presentations is a completely new experience for SPEEDAM. The Organizers of SPEEDAM believe that the virtual conference is a necessary parenthesis this year but, hopefully, it will not be repeated in the near future, due to the lack of the aforementioned atmosphere that can only be created with physical presence. However, some positive aspects can be highlighted: questions can be asked also via chat, authors can be contacted via private messaging even after the reference session; the audience is potentially larger, because everyone can connect comfortably from their home; costs are reduced.

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