Microsoft Teams

SPEEDAM 2020 will “take place” on the Microsoft Teams platform.
All the SPEEDAM 2020 participants are therefore required to follow these simple steps in order to be able to attend the Virtual Symposium:
1) Activate a Microsoft account
If you already have a Microsoft account, proceed to step 2) .
If you don’t have a Microsoft account, create a new one by visiting the Microsoft accounts page. From here select Sign in and then Create one! .
2) Install Microsoft Teams
If you already have the Microsoft Teams app installed on either a MAC OS/Windows PC/notebook equipped with a speaker, a microphone and a video-cam or an iOS/Android tablet (i.e. the app is installed on a suitable device) just be sure that the app has been configured with your Microsoft account.
In this context, smartphones are not considered suitable devices since the inherent small screen size would likely degrade both the presentation effectiveness of the speakers and the attendance experience of the audience.
If you don’t have the app installed on any suitable device, install Microsoft Teams on the suitable device of your choice by visiting the software download official page (the link is valid also for mobile devices) . At the end of the installation process, launch the app and configure it with your Microsoft account.
3) Update your SPEEDAM Account
Access your SPEEDAM account page, click on the button Go to Microsoft Teams Page and submit the email linked to your Microsoft account.
Once you fulfilled this process, you will receive an email from Microsoft confirming that you have been added as a guest by Università di Napoli Federico II in Microsoft Teams. From now, the team Speedam 2020 will be accessible from the Teams tab of Microsoft Teams.
You can download here the instructions which will guide all the participants in using Microsoft Teams for the virtual SPEEDAM 2020.

Oral presentation of the papers

All the presentation will be carried out in lecture format. Therefore, the authors will be required to prepare a reasonable number of slides for each presentation. The time scheduled for each presentation is about 15 min. Questions to the authors will be submitted at the end of each presentation.

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