T1 – Power Electronics     ->next topic

– Power Electronic Devices
– Converter Topologies, Modelling and Control
– Multilevel converters
– High Frequency Power Converters
– Soft switching
– Renewable Energy Applications
– Fault Tolerant Configurations
– Aerospace Applications
– Converters Topologies in PET Applications

T2 – Electric Machines & Drives     <-previous topic     ->next topic

– Modelling, Analysis & Design of Electric Machines
– Finite Element Analysis
– Special Electric Machines & Actuators
– Micromotors
– Electrical Drives Control
– Transformers and coils
– Vibrations and acoustic noise
– Multi-Motor Drive Systems
– High Speed Drives
– Sensorless Control for Electrical Drives
– High Efficiency Drives
– Diagnostics in Electrical Machines & Drives
– Identification Problems
– Integrated Systems
– Inductive power transfer
– Home and Low Power Appliances
– High Performance Drives for Aerospace Applications
– Tubular/linear PM generators

T3 – Smart Grids Issues     <-previous topic     ->next topic

– Concept and Structure of Smart Grids
– Distributed Generation Problems
– Power Electronics in Smart Grids
– Integration of Green Energy Technologies
– Integrated Energy and Communications
– MicroGrids
– PET integration in Smart Grid

T4 – Electrical Power Quality     <-previous topic     ->next topic

– Active Filters and Front-Ends
– ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Interference (EMI)
– Power Line Conditioners
– Perturbation Effects
– Power Quality Measurements
– Supply Continuity and Reliability

T5 – Electrical Traction     <-previous topic     ->next topic

– Traction Systems
– Traction Drives
– Linear Motor Drives
– Superconductivity Applications
– Contactless Energy Transmission
– Diagnostics, Reliability, Dependability
– Communication Systems
– PET Sizing and Design in Railway Systems

T6 – Industrial Automation     <-previous topic     ->next topic

– Smart factory
– Field Bus and Communication Systems
– Mechatronic Systems
– Sensing and Testing Techniques
– Intelligent Control and Signal Processing
– Flexible Manufacturing System
– Manufacturing and Process Automation System

T7 – Renewable Sources of Energy and Cogeneration     <-previous topic     ->next topic

– Integration of Power System
– Energy Saving-
– Cogeneration (CHP) and Trigenerations (CCHP) Systems
– Hybrid Systems
– Solar, Wind and Geothermal Energy
– Ocean and Wave Energy
– Biomass and Harvesting Energy

T8 – Energy Storage     <-previous topic     ->next topic

– Storage Battery System
– Supercapacitive Energy Storage
– Battery and Supercapacitors Management System
– High Speed Flywheels

T9 – Road Electrical Vehicles     <-previous topic     ->next topic

– On-Board Energy Storage and Advanced Batteries
– Hybrid Configurations
– Drives for Road Vehicles
– Plug-in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
– Battery Charging Infrastructures
– Inductive Wireless Charging
– Automotive Power Electronics
– Fuel Cells Vehicle

T10 – Marine and Aerospace Applications     <-previous topic

– All Electric Ship
– All Electric Aircraft
– Aircraft EMActuators

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